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I started posting my writing on Fetlife based on my experiences in the Denver kink community. People asked me where it could be linked to offsite. So I uploaded content to this blog. I write about my experiences of rape, abuse within the kink scene, victim blaming, rape apology and other fun things. At times I employ the fine art of satire as the absurdity of it all sometimes calls for it.

Part of speaking out in the kink community involves dealing with a lot of name calling, harassment and silencing tactics. Some of my writing surrounds this. The status quo dislikes disruption.

As you may have guessed, I am a different Coco Jones then the popular Disney radio personality.


  1. Stephen

    Well said! I’d say this sounds like my hometown of Baltimore, where the scene is rife with some scary shit, but the more I hear it’s clear that it happens all over the country. I got the hell away when I started realizing the uncomfortable truths of the local scene, tried speaking out, and experienced the bullying and attempted silencing tactics. I’d like to see the entire thing burn down to its foundation.

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